On Becoming a Plogga...

1. The club would evict any Plogga who misses 4 consecutive plogging episodes. That spans a period of 2 months.

2. The club would always hold an online special general assembly every month where all members are expected to be present and attendance will be noted.

3. Every member of the club is mandated to get the Plogging Vest which costs only #1000 naira and must be worn to all plogging episodes.

It is suggested that every plogga acquaints themselves with the Plogging Nigeria Byelaws Document to understand the framework, structure and other guidelines of the club.

5. All Ploggas must register their details through the link bit.ly/ploggingmg_reg. Anyone yet to do so is not officially recognised as a member of the club.

6. The club would evict without warning anyone who posts messages that are found unrelated to the vision, mission and objectives of the club in its online platforms, especially for the ones the defaulter did not seek permission from the admins of the group before posting.

7. The club would award certificates to members who meet the requirement as stated in the Byelaws. The club would also give letters of recommendation to members in need of it if those members meet all the requirements herein and in the Byelaws.

8. All members of the club should at all times display qualities that are representative of the club's goals.

9. The club is open to membership from all people in all places, and is always ready to engage in partnership with every institution aimed at promoting sustainability.

10. All enquiries can be forwarded to the club through ploggingnigeria@gmail.com and its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles, @ploggingnigeria.

Plogging Nigeria.

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