I never knew what the consequences of my irreversible actions on the Environment, Health, and most especially, the Climate System were, until some months ago.

I began to experience and see for myself, its threatening effects on human health (leaving thousands of lives with lung diseases, heart problems, skin irritation, abnormality in breathing, and the likes). Air pollution and soil contamination can not be ignored as part of the effects of my actions.

I almost shed tears after I discovered that my actions of irresponsible and improper waste handling has harmed my society this much, implicating sustainability for the next generation as they would be under more adverse climate conditions and face bigger threats than what we are experiencing today.

Improper handling of waste is what many always unconsciously practice in this part of the world. But the truth is, we can't be so wicked towards ourselves, risking our own lives, knowing fully well the consequent danger. It's because we were never aware of the dangers that do evolve from this action. This is the custom that was passed down to us. We're in dire need of a shift in orientation and change in attitude towards managing our environment.

I therefore invite you to join hundreds of other individuals from the different parts of the country and across different disciplines, to participate in the GREEN SWITCH ACADEMY – a seven (7) day Practical Waste Handling and Eco-consciousness Guide, powered by Plogging Nigeria.

Please click here to register or copy the address below into your browser:
(admission slots are limited)

Date: September 21-27, 2019
Venue: WhatsApp

Registration deadline is midnight of Thursday, September 19.

Kindly share with others, be there and let's together do the best of our bits in saving our Earth. 💪🏼🌲🚮🌍

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