I “bottled” this up




Let me tell you a story. It comes in bits but I’d try not tomake it long.

My name is “plastic”. I’m sure you’ve heard of me. Yes. I’m everywhere and anywhere. You’ve held me, you’ve used me, you’ve touched me and yes, you’ve dumped me. I’m not going to make this a sad tale but I’ve had a rough life but like they say, to God be the glory, I’m resting now.

When I was first made, I had the most beautiful thoughts about where I would go and what I’d do. I was going to be filled with orange, green, clear liquids, and oh all other colors as well. I felt proud. 

I never thought beyond what would be in me. Not once. Until I went out. And I saw the world. And what was in it.

I saw my friends and brothers, in gutters, in drainages, littering the streets. In oceans and rivers, floating or drowning. Where we were supposed to be filled with wonderful liquids, we instead floated in waste. Sometimes filled, sometimes empty. We were thrash. Sometimes filled with stinking gutter water and black soot. This was what I never imagined my life would be, but unfortunately this was what I had. For years, useless, dumped. Scattered everywhere. 


Then one day, after spending years moving as thrash from one place to another, I got picked up. It was the most beautiful day in my life. To be held again. I watched as they packed all of us from that miserable gutter and put us in proper bags. I wanted to cry when I heard them talking about proper handling and disposal of plastics. I thought to myself, “you mean there are people who have dedicated themselves to pick thrash from the environment while also teaching people about it?” “There are people who care so much about the environment and about my folks? What a relief! Plogging Club! A nice name you have to agree.

Today, here I am. Worn out but still ready to do their bidding. They call themselves “Ploggas” and they’re going to make me famous. I am going to be a part of their pet bottle project and I haven’t been more proud of being a plastic in my life!! But then I think about not just myself, what about the rest of my folks. I hear we have been considered a threat to life forms. We’ve blocked drainages and help flood inundate cities. But we also want to help all life forms be safe again. So, I thought to plead: join the Plogging Club here.

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