My First Love At First Sight Experience

I've heard people talk about how they met someone and it was love at first sight for them. I usually laughed at them as they narrated their surreal experience. It seems supernatural because, how does one fall in love with a total stranger on sight? What if they're from the spirit realm? Ahh! Little did I know that my name was next on Cupid's hit list and he had his arrow aimed at my heart already.

I joined this club in school, Plogging Nigeria, after seeing a broadcast about it on a friend's story. The club's objective is to have fit people in clean environments, so the members basically jog to keep fit, and pick up litters along the way to keep clean. I loved the idea of keeping the environment clean, but wasn't so keen on the jogging aspect, because I felt it was for people that wanted to shed some fat or lose weight. Yeah, you guessed right, I'm as skinny as a mop stick *sniffs*. I mean, I was looking for ways to add some flesh and here I was, being told to jog off the little I was still managing. It was like this gaining weight thing wasn't my calling LOL!

Cupid's arrow struck me on the 15th of February, 2020. After another baeless Valentine, I woke up on this Saturday morning to join the club's Plogging Episode scheduled for that day. I met three guys and four ladies, and there was an instant connection between us all right away. We met at the Lagoon front in UNILAG, and jogged and picked up litters all the way to Moremi Hall and back, a total distance of about 0.4km, gathering 10 bags of litters. We felt a sense of pride at having cleaned up the school, as even the employed cleaners were appreciative of our efforts, as we worked alongside them.

When we got back to the Lagoon front, we had an interactive session, got to know one another, and the bae'd and boo'd up among us let us in on how their valentine went and we awwwwwwwned in response. I also laughed so much that my ribs hurt. Did I mention that we danced too? Oh yes, we did! The boom box went from Drake to Naira Marley to even Chioma Jesus, as we shook our bodies in lavish abandon. There was this vitality I just had out of the blue that left me wondering where it came from. Of course, it was the jog! From that day, I decided to jog more often.

After everything, it was time to go. It was at this point I realized I had fallen in love with not just one person, but all seven of them! (Okay, maybe there was a particular person I caught myself stealing glances at repeatedly, but that'll be a story for another day). I couldn't believe I felt so attached to these people I just met about two hours ago. That day, I realized I just won myself a family. You should meet them too.

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