Different people perceive the idea of keeping fit from different perspectives. While for some it's a regular endeavour, others deem it unnecessary and some others even stressful. 

This month, we will be discussing keeping fit and all it entails - it's benefits and the ways to go about it. You may be surprised at the magical qualities this actionable notion possesses.

Keeping fit is simply engaging in regular exercises to keep our bodies healthy and physically fit. Now, think back to the past few weeks, when was the last time you exercised? If you do regularly, you'll agree with us that just a light jog is enough to ignite your day with an energized spirit. If you don't, you're definitely missing out on something big!

A popular misconception about engaging in exercises is that it is equivalent to carrying out your normal activities at your place of work because both seem equally stressful. However, while exercises boosts your state of health and fitness, stress from work does the direct opposite. That is, it weakens you physically, mentally, and can also have adverse effects on your health if not properly managed. 

There is also the controversial notion that exercises are for athletes, youths, and children alone, or those that want to lose weight. This is equally untrue as these set of people are not the only ones healthy living is reserved for. 

To keep fit is a goal that can be achieved by all and sundry. Regardless of who you are, or what you do, you can, and should definitely join the fitness train. 

Now that you know what keeping fit is and what it is not, join us next week as we look at the various profound benefits you stand to gain by keeping fit. 

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