The new year no doubt briefly comes with a therapeutic feeling, especially when the clock hits midnight and announces the beginning of the year. In that very moment, all your problems are gone and it feels like there's a fresh start to everything.


But after a few days, reality dawns and you realize everything is pretty much the same, maybe even worse, as with the new year comes expectations and goals to be met. Your family adds to the pressure, reminding you that it's a new year like you don't already know and maybe even making references to some of your friends and age mates who seem to be way ahead of you. You begin to see life as a competition, a race, where you've been left behind. 

Let's bring this discussion a bit into perspective, shall we? You would agree that with all the "her view, my view" and "I said yes" posts that flew around on social media last month, it was as though just 10 people finished the year single, and if you were a part of those 10, you most likely may have declared that "2021 is my year". 

Now, don't get us wrong. While it is not a bad thing to set targets and make plans, what you don't sometimes realize is that the pressure may take a massive toll on your mental health and especially when you see you're falling short of those plans, an anxiety disorder can set in. 

This month, we'll be looking at this not much spoken about but common challenge many face, and how to avoid and get over it completely. Your body health, well-being and general performance this new year would be way below average if your mental game is not at its best. So, keep your dial locked on us and follow us further next week on this discussion.

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