We all experience the feeling of anxiety at one point or the other. Going on a first date, traveling abroad for the first time, or anticipating a result. Events like these can leave us nervous and pretty agitated, but more importantly, they fade after some time.

However, there are some forms of anxiety that can create lasting impressions on you. A lot of people suffer from some of these disorders without even knowing it and just live with it like it's normal. Let's take a look at the various forms anxiety takes together, you may just find one you've normalized already.


If you're the type that can "worry for Africa", this might just be your table. This form of anxiety involves excessive and persistent worrying about general things around you such as chores, your health, or a meeting, that often meddles with your daily activities. If you frequently feel restless, easily get tired, have difficulty sleeping, and experience concentration problems, it may mean you fall under this anxiety disorder category. 


Emotions play a large role under this form of anxiety. Many fall into this disorder after breakups in relationships and some don't fully recover. If you experience distress and a total breakdown for a long period of time when separated from someone or something, or a dreadful feeling at the mere thought of separation, you might be suffering from separation anxiety.


Social media today can be a very toxic place, with exposure to a lot of things that can harm your mental health. Also, apart from the toxicity, when you see things like "her view, my view" or "just made my first million at 19", and other like flashy posts as people celebrate their new car or house, and then you begin to feel self-conscious, intimidated, embarrassed and not enough, social anxiety may just have set in.


This is quite more pronounced with its symptoms as its prominent feature is recurrent panic attacks. It usually occurs in response to the feeling of impending doom or fear and has symptoms such as palpitations, violent shaking, sweating, dizziness, chest pain, chills and immense fear.


This form is characterized by persistent and excessive fear of something pretty harmless generally. One however very intense phobia is Agoraphobia, which is the the fear of being in situations where it may not be easy to escape from. If you feel uncomfortable and afraid when using public transport or being alone and away from home or familiar faces, or even being in an enclosed place, you are likely to be suffering from this anxiety disorder.

It's important to be aware of these forms of anxiety as only when a problem is understood can its solution be proffered. But before we talk about the solutions, are these anxiety forms really that harmful? You may have experienced one or two of them and you survived so they can't be that bad right? Well, you may be shocked at the extent of drastic harm anxiety can pose to both your mental and body health. Anxiety disorder is not a joking matter at all, and we'll be looking at why next week.

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