So, we have been discussing anxiety and it's effect on our mental health. It is no longer news that apprehension, unease and nervousness all accompany anxiety. There is this restlessness and distressing sense of oppression that anxiety breeds in us. Today, we will clearly outline ways to deal with all forms of anxiety, whether work-related, finances, studies, and even societal/peer conditioning.

1) Zero competition: To deal properly with anxiety, you must come to terms with the fact that you are in no competition with anyone. When you do this, you will begin to see your journey differently. You will not bother so much about comparison. You will set your goal for yourself, by yourself, with no undue pressure and you will focus on achieving it. 

2) Avoid all forms of pressure: As much as possible, you should avoid all places, groups and companies that mount undue pressure on you to be who and what you are not. Places and people that are contrary to your beliefs and values. Be much more concerned doing you, rather than checking out how better others are faring. This way you will not be unnecessarily anxious about becoming or achieving things they have which you haven't. 

3) Have a support group/system: Collaborate with like minds who have similar ideologies and goals with you. This way, you will share ideas and help each other to achieve theirs. Collaboration is an amazing concept that thrives on diversity and heightens response-ability. 

4) Guard your mental health jealously: One of your primary duties to combat anxiety is to ensure you do not let into your space, anyone or anything that will rob you of your peace of mind. Do this while you consistently work towards achieving your goals.

5) Gratitude for little wins and progress made: Be grateful for your journey and the unique path to your success. This way, the universe will bring you more things to be grateful for.

In conclusion, remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are not wanting. You are not underachieving. You are amazing. You are hardworking. You are doing well.

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