The Recent Changes In Nature and Weather Patterns

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a recent development about a certain situation in the world. We have asked questions, yet no reply seems to be forthcoming. Some of us have taken to social media platforms to express our minds and seek clarity. The question is, what exactly is causing all the changes in the weather? 

One moment it's hot, the next moment it's extremely cold. Weather patterns used to be largely fixed and predictable per time of the year. But now, we don't even know anymore. 

Last month was like a movie, with the drama that occurred in Texas. What might have caused the residents to resort to queueing up just to have access to water? Do you remember that even in Nigeria there was a very strong heatwave for some day and suddenly, harmattan followed? It's absolutely safe to say that it was an abnormal occurrence in mid-February. You might still be wondering what went wrong with the normal weather calendar we all know. 

These and more are what we'll be discussing this month. Not to worry, your questions will be answered, as to what the causes and effects of the recent changes in nature are, as well as how we can adapt to this newfound climate and mitigate the changes that come with it, using practical steps and measures. Join us again next week as we look into these issues together. 

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