Why Harmattan Came Back in February in Nigeria

Last week we looked at the implication of the terrible weather storm that occurred in Texas. Before we said farewell, we promised to tell you about the reason why Nigeria witnessed harmattan in February. Bingo, here we are today, excited? Leggo!

Normally, harmattan after the festive season, specifically after the New year, is often mild; this, however, was not the case this year. In February, we noticed a rather shocking occurrence. Just when we thought we had bid the cold-dusty season goodbye, Mr Harmattan came forcefully and unannounced like a thief in the night and this was a shocker for everyone.

Interestingly, this unexpected appearance in February was greeted with reactions and mixed-feelings by Nigerians. While some people welcomed it with open arms, others were naysayers; this stirred up arguments and counter-arguments particularly on social media. However, we observed that many of us were and are still oblivious of the implication of this. Well, here it is.

Without a doubt, you would agree that the Harmattan during the festive season in December wasn't intense and the weather was warmer than cold. This is a result of climate change influenced by unhealthy practices we engage in. From the burning of wastes, tyres and fossil fuel such as coal or oil, which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, down to deforestation and other environmental pollution, the after-effects of all these invariably lead to changes in weather patterns, hence, the shocker trend: #HarmattanInFebruary. 

Currently, you would have noticed the temperature changes; the heat is extreme and almost unbearable and the sun during the day, 10 times more scorching. Water scarcity is becoming alarming too. Well, all these are the results of changes in weather patterns and they possess dire consequences on our wellbeing and the environment generally.

What are these consequences? How does this affect us as Nigerians? Don't worry, this and many more questions would be answered next week. Until then, keep living sustainably and always remember to drink enough water. 

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