Which one is Earth Hour again? πŸ™„

Relaxxx, this one is fun. 😁

Earth Hour is a global event initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It happens every year and the basic task is for people, communities, and businesses to put off non-essential electric lights, for an hour between 8:30pm and 9:30 p.m. on a selected day as a form of solidarity towards a greener earth. 

How did it begin? The WWF started it in Sydney, Australia in 2007. It was simply a lights-out event at the time, tagged The Big Flick. In subsequent years, other nations began to join in until it became a worldwide event. 

Although the primary intent of the Earth Hour isn't to reduce the global consumption of electricity but to make people committed to reducing power consumption beyond the hour, the by-impact of the event cannot be ignored. According to a 2014 English Research and Social Science publication, in the space of 6 years and across 10 nations where it was observed, Earth Hour reduced electricity consumption by about 4%. Just an hour. Imagine the impact if the world continues this exercise beyond just that hour. 

Are you just hearing about Earth Hour for the first time? Guess what? You're right on time! 8:30pm to 9:30pm on Saturday, March 26th is Earth Hour. While other environmental acts can be promoted on this day, millions of people participating around the world turn off their bulbs in unison for the 60 minutes period...hence the name Earth Hour. You get? πŸ˜‰

So, we will be gathering on Zoom for a blackout event to commemorate Earth Hour with our lights off...but with candles on! πŸ•―️

During the event, we will be vibing on matters of the environment. We will also be treated to 2 spoken word and 1 musical rendition for the planet during the event. πŸ—£️πŸŽ™️🎼🌍

You're invited to join us by 8:30pm tomorrow through this link:

Though NEPA will save some of us the stress🀣, you will have to put off your bulb during the event. Our only permitted light source for the event is candlelight. Please, ensure to get a candle before the event. 

See ya!

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