Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption — IDF2022

Forests are so significant to the world at large as they cover more than 30% of our dear planet Earth, provide shelter to over 80% of terrestrial biodiversity species and support the livelihood of billions of people.

Forestry provides the capacity for industrial production and processes in terms of key raw materials and building materials. Wood, for example, has been a continued source of books, medicine, water, and yes, the common example we know so well - Shelter. 

There's more! Forests help to:

• Improve the quality of the air we breathe by absorbing air pollutants like CO2.

• Reduce the impact of natural disasters like floods and soil erosion.

• Regulate temperatures and fight climate change.

Forests yet again are a source we can fall back to in cases of drought, but despite all of these productive uses, the equivalent of 1 football pitch of forest is lost every second - green life is disappearing at a drastic rate!

Balance is at risk and GHG emissions are growing each year because of deforestation and other practices that result in the loss of forests.

There is a dire need for a sustainable balance in maintaining the health and continuing productivity of forests, and enjoying their resources. It is by virtue of this need that the United Nations themed this year's International Day of Forests, commemorated today, as Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption. 

Here's a video made by the UN on the importance of wood and how it can be utilized sustainably:

How can we contribute to the sustainability of forests?

1. By curbing forest fires.

2. Using reusable containers often instead of paper products. 

3. Proper utilization of forest products through recycling and waste reduction.

4. Conserving and protecting available forests. 

5. Planting more trees.

And most importantly, spread awareness and consciousness, of the importance of forests and the need for sustainable management.

Remember, we can only continue to rely on the productive benefits of forests if collective action is taken to preserve forest resources.

 Happy International Day of Forests!

Adeola Olalere

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