Global Recycling Day

When matters of recycling arise, a lot of us narrow our minds to trash picking and heavy loading of trash to trucks and watch the trash as they are being taken to their various recycling destinations without finding out the whole processes carried out to get new products.

However, it is important to understand that Recycling is a lot wider than it looks or is perceived.

A basic definition of Recycling is the collecting and processing of materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. 

The primary reason for recycling is to help solve and reduce environmental pollution through reduced incineration of plastics and papers that contribute to depleting the ozone layer. However, other importance of recycling include;

Reduction of Waste Footprints: 

This is the total number of the waste consumed by an individual monthly or annually. Recycling plays a big role in reducing the world's waste prints by converting them to other useable items.

Conservation of Nature and Wildlife: 

Recycling waste means lesser production of the original product, hence the lower demand for raw materials. Paper, for example, is made from wood, and when recycled, can be used to make tissue papers, instead of cutting down another tree to get wood for tissue paper. This act alone not only saves the trees in the forest, but the lives of animals who have made such trees their habitat.

Saves Energy: 

Original product requires more energy for new processes. This takes a toll on the environment as pollutant gases could also be a major means of pollution.

Employment Opportunities: 

A lot of people are taking up jobs as drivers, recyclers and are well involved in the recycling processes. 

Things that can be recycled include Plastics, Bottles, Glass, Papers, discs, etc

Recycling can be done at recycling factories as well as in schools, hospitals, churches. Recycling can be done anywhere.

Do you know you can also recycle at home? Remember that practical back in primary or secondary school where you soak old papers, add starch and use it to make paper-mache? Now that is a kind of recycling, one that would be creative and of artistic value.

As we commemorate Global Recycling Day today, we simply remind you of the importance and necessity of recycling to us humans, nature and biodiversity. 

Henrietta Awah

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  1. Wow, This is a mind-blowing piece on recycling even a lay-man would understand.