A Green Year: On The Go

It may be easier to make sustainable decisions at home, where you have control over most situations.

But, what if you are outside your home?

Can you remain sustainable on the go?

This new year, you may find yourself spending more time outside your home, maybe due to work, school, duties and other responsibilities. 

We understand, but sustainability is not done indoors only. 

Like MTN, you should carry Sustainability everywhere you go.

Here are 10 suggestions for you to keep it green on the go, this 2023.

1. Ensure to take your own bag when shopping. 

Why create more waste when you can simply go with your reusable shopping bag?

2. Ensure to get a bottle that is handy to avoid buying plastics.

We love to put it this way, "water bottles, not bottled water". 

3. Do not dump plastics or nylons in the drainages or walkways. 

In other words, keep it till you bin it. This is how to be a part of the solution.

4. Engage in more walks or public transportation. 

Taking short walks is good for your body, for your heart condition, and for the environment. Why would you not do this?

5. Do not request straws when you buy drinks.

Do we need to say more? It's 2023. By now we should skip the straws.

6. Encourage eating in rather than taking out.

This reduces the number of plastics and styrofoam that end up in landfills.

7. Buy in bulk to avoid lots of packaging.

You burn out easily because you have to shop all the time. Try buying in bulk and see the amount of energy (and packaging) you will save.

8. Try as much as possible to reduce collecting receipts.

You probably never read those receipts anyways, so don't print them. And no, the machine won't cheat you. lol. 

9. Encourage people around you to stay sustainable on the go.

Pop the green message in your conversations with people. Live it. Preach it.

10. Share this Blog on the go.

Right now. Yes. Share this post to someone you know and let's give 2023 a green start, together.

— James Oluwaseun

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