A Valentine for the Planet

with love,

to: Mother Earth

For once, this one is not about the heatwave that threatens to burn my back as I walk home or the increasing change in the weather that leaves farmlands bare and mouths yawning.

This one is not for the bomb attack in Owo or the church massacre in Ozubulu. It is not for the father gripping his daughter in the in-between of the Syria earthquake.

This one is not for the flooding that displaced our brothers in Idemili, the farmlands in ruin, or my father reminiscing about his home in a new place.

Mother Earth, this one is about the morning breeze you give to us, and how the tingling it nestles on my long afro is music to my ears. This one is for the mango tree that provides shade to the kids playing house in the evening.

This one is about the glow of the sky on this day like I see it from my window, and the stars, and you.

This one's for you, dear mother Earth. This one is for all your glory.

— Chukwudalu Abugu

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