Dear Mr President: A letter for Sustainability

The President,

Nigerian Presidential Complex,

Aso Rock Presidential Villa,

Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Mr President,

Congratulations on your emergence as the President elect of our beloved country– Nigeria. There is a lot of work ahead of you, no doubt. And as you begin your role as a leader of change in different sectors of the nation, we write to you to remind you of a sector we believe needs more and crucial attention— the environmental sector.

As you may be aware, in recent times, Climate Change has been declared as one of the greatest threats facing humanity, and far from being exempted from the consequences of this environmental threat, Nigeria is one of the most vulnerable countries to Climate change.

These can be observed in the increasing environmental crises such as change in weather patterns, the droughts, loss of natural habitats, and flooding episodes such as the one experienced last year which many victims are yet to recover from

This matter is of great importance as it directly affects the lives and livelihood of the ciitizens of Nigeria. For instance, environmental pollution is leading to outbreak of diseases, constant unsustainable practices such as burning and excessive deforestation are leading to Environmental degradation and loss of income for people who depend on these natural resources.

There will be no Nigeria if we keep losing Nigerians to environmental crises such as floodings, pollution loss of natural resources, amongst others.

Admittedly, there is probably no data we can cite here that will not be in the archives of the departments and ministries of environment. Regardless, we have decided to write this to bear our concerns and expectations for a more sustainable environment, safe for Nigerians to live in.

Though, it is impossible to express all our intents in the confines of this letter, nevertheless, we hope this letter can spur your committed interest in the environmental state of our Country.

We believe we speak for the entire masses when we say we look forward to a better Nigeria. In the interest of every Nigerian, a better Nigeria is an environmentally sustainable Nigeria, hence we hope this new government will carefully and diligently inculcate it in her plans.

We look forward to a better and Greener Nigeria with you.

Yours in patriotism, 

— an environmentally-conscious youth.

FOR: every environmentally-conscious Nigerian.

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