Sustainable Elections: A Vote for Climate

Elections are obligations that are considered the right of every legal occupant of a country irrespective of their tribes, states, ability, and religion. As long as you are a recognized member of a country, partaking in elections is considered a franchise. 

It is probably right to say, the campaign toward this year's election has been adventurous. From the manifestos of political candidates to the political rallies. Even more, the an undeniable increase in political awareness.

The D-day, or shall I say the E-(election) day, is upon us as the Nigerian presidential election holds on February 25th, 2023. Just two days from now.

Yes, we are eager to vote in stability and are hoping for a free-fair election but, we will not have you ignorant of the importance of holding sustainable elections free from environmental pollution.  

This article will offer you tips on how to keep the elections sustainable on your end.

Sustainable elections are considered elections that are free and fair from chaos and violence but also free from environmental pollution. This is to fulfill the needs of the people without any compromise ensuring an adequate balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being. 

Regardless of the election tension, we must consciously keep our surroundings clean before voting, during voting, and after voting.

So, on election day, we believe you will take a bath and proceed to the election venue to cast your vote. The ballot papers will be shared, and some may be considered invalid and need to be disposed of. Instead of doing that, follow the simplest rule of cleanliness — Keep it till you bin it.

 Let's see another scenario.

You leave your home without food and hope to grab some snacks on your way or at the election venue. You eat these snacks and dump the non-biodegradable trash on the floor.  

If this same process repeats for over 50 persons in that venue, what do you think will happen? Don't join the pollution. Keep it till you can bin it.

— In addition, we recommend you take water in a reusable bottle to minimize the use of disposable plastic bottles.

You can also make use of a food flask to keep your food warm after buying from vendors. Please resist the urge to eat with disposable plates and litter. And if it is unavoidable, we implore you to use the provided trash bins to dispose of your waste.

— Chip in a corrective word for defaulters you meet, and sensitize people to the need for a credible yet sustainable election. 

— How about a cleanup exercise at your polling unit? This can be done immediately or later after the election, depending on the security and situational circumstance of the location.

— Having a sustainable election would be incomplete if we don't shun violence and be security conscious at the polling units.

Stay alert, don't be triggered into disputes at the site. Keep calm and let your vote do the talking. 

Feel free to adopt any, some, and/or all of our suggestions and any other that you can think of as you keep this election sustainable. 

Lastly, remember that even the trees are giving their lives to help produce the ballot papers so you can make the right decision.

Nature is playing its part, now is your own to play yours. Be sure to #VoteForClimate. Vote for a sustainable future, for yourself, for the world, and Nature.

Have a sustainable Election, and God bless Nigeria. 🇳🇬 

— Henrietta Awah

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