Global Recycling Day 2023 : Creative Innovation


Hello Greenies, let's play a quick game.

1. Put a finger down if you have ever read an inscription on a package that says "recycle after use" or recycle".

2. Put a finger down if you know what it means to recycle.

3. Put a finger down if you actually recycle.

4. Put a finger down if you know companies/individuals that are into recycling.

5. Put a finger down if you care less about the inscriptions of a package.

Okay, game over people. 

How many of your fingers are down? If you have your first 4 fingers down then you are on the right path.

If you did not, well, at least, you are on the right website.

Did you notice the Keyword from the game is "Recycle" ?

Today is the Global recycling day and it's all about CREATIVE INNOVATION. 

A lot of us confuse innovation with creativity (you are about to argue that they are the same but before you do that read on.)

We can say creativity is doing something new while innovation is doing the same thing in a new way to give a different feel or result. 

This is to say it's not only important to do something new but it's even 'importanter' to add extra spice to how we recycle. Recycling does not have to be expensive it could be as simple as transforming your not so good jeans pants that you are planning to burn it dispose into a bag.

Recycling is all about using a material that has been used before, to produce the same item again or using the material in another way, rather than disposing them and this is necessary to reduce the number of items such as plastics, cartons, clothes, metals etc. that end up in landfills.

Today, we are taking out time to celebrate our recycling heroes (individuals or organisations) who have it a priority to give mother Earth a smiling face through recycling. 

We celebrate you and we see what you are doing. 

If you are yet to be on this train, what are you waiting for? Hop in, creativity and innovation await you.

Once again, Happy Global Recycling Day!

With love,

from Plogging Nigeria.

— James Oluwaseun Abigail 

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