World Meteorological Day 2023

Ever wondered who came up with the word "meteorology" and why it sounds almost impossible to pronounce repeatedly in quick succession? 

How many times did you try to pronounce it? 😁

Hope you have a nice atmosphere

With some quality time to spare

To glean the shifts and changes in weather

That helps us choose to live even better

Meteorology, oh what a bliss

To eye the wild blue yonder, in it's seasons

Weather, climate, visibility and water

All of them changing over and over

Who predicts the good and bad conditions

With instrument and tools from their stations

Who makes sense of weather's obscurity

And help us prepare and plan duly

They study humidity, air pressure 

Accurately measure the temperature

Pilots, farmers, everyone wait on them

Meteorologists - our present help

Today we celebrate meteorology

The science and scientists that it brings

For they help us navigate the skies

And all the wonders it can bring

Please do remember to save this where it's safe - the cloud. However, I'm beginning to get skeptical about its safety. Have we with our own hands messed it up? Live every minute sustainably from today. 

Disfruta tu día. Adiós!

— Dolapo Johnson

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