Earth Day — Invest in the Planet

Every money enthusiast knows that money can be used for 3 major things (spend, save and invest). 

So let’s talk about investment. In simple terms, we can say that investment is depositing something of value hoping to get something more in return. 

If you have ever made a legit investment, you will know that the return although may take a while is always sweet to have. 

You are probably thinking "I don't have money, Plogging Nigeria wan dey carry me where I no know ooh." Hold on, don't be in a rush... No one is taking your money. 

There's a simple investment scheme we'll like to you teach, if you have never heard of it, here is your chance to learn. 

First, you have to promise that you will do this investment (a promise is a debt ooh)

Yes, it's time to invest in our planet (EARTH) after all we don't live on Mars. 

The good thing is today is WORLD EARTH DAY! 

It sure sounds like a perfect time to learn how to invest in our planet. 

Come along with us. 

You can volunteer with organisations that have a keen interest in building a sustainable environment around you. 

You can choose this weekend to clean up that drainage that is blocked near your house and no one seems to care about it. 

You can also sort out your waste by separating them (plastics, cans, nylons etc)


How about you become a plant mother/father? Plant a tree or 2 and watch over it, you will love the outcome. 

Take a walk with your friends and family to behold Earth's beauty. 

Before you ask what you will be getting in return since we call it an investment, here go. You will get good health, a good intake of oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, don't you love to live in an environment surrounded by beautiful trees and good smell? 

Enlighten someone today on the importance of investing in our planet. 

We have nowhere else to go or shey you wan relocate to Jupiter. 

Cheers to more planet investment🥂

— Oluwaseun James

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