Recycle Bins - The Blue Bin

Just like traffic lights help to control traffic, recycle bin colours help us to sort our trash. Recycle bins come in different colours and it is good to know that these colours are not without significance. Last week, we discussed the importance of these colours for the purpose of recycling. Today, we'll be x-raying one of the recycle bins—The Blue Bin. 

Having recycling bins is a great step towards sustainability but knowing how to properly sort trash into them is more important. There are 3 major bin colours; Green, Blue, and Black. These three bins help to separate wastes into compostable, recyclable, and landfill wastes. 

Not sorting them properly can cause machine problems during recycling which eventually leads to recyclable items ending up in landfills, and that's exactly what we're guarding against, right? Today, we'll be telling you about the Blue Bin and what goes into it. 

The blue bin is for cards, cartons, gift boxes, magazines, old books, envelopes, and everything made of paper.

The essence of this bin is to collect waste paper that can be recycled to make new paper products.

Over the years, paper production mills have been infamous for releasing toxic gases such as CO2 and Nitrogen Dioxide into the environment when producing.

And it is quite ironic that the trees which help to absorb CO2 are being cut down to produce the paper.

Water also plays a big role in the pulping process. A lot of water goes into the paper production process.

Therefore, recycling paper will lead to a reduction in the number of natural resources(wood and water) being used to produce paper from scratch.

You do not have to burn the waste paper consuming your room/office space if you have a blue bin. Waste paper also does not need to end up in landfills.

To promote sustainability, you can even invest in blue bins for your community and partner with organizations like Going Green Recycling Company and Westman Recycle Nigeria Limited which specialize in recycling items in Nigeria.

Paper recycling is usually the cheapest and easiest recycling option for everyone. So today, we encourage you to protect some trees and preserve our environment.

Next week, you would get to know about the other bin colours and their functions. Till then, stay blue.💙

Fiyinfoluwa Bamgbose

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